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  • Water Resistant Nu-buck Leather 

  • Temperature Controlled Insoles 

  • Modular Strap Attachments

  • Tongue Stash Pocket

  • NFC Authenticity ID  

  • Enhanced Insole (Arch Support // Gel Heel Cushion)

  • Rugged All-Terrain Flex Rubber Sole

  • Puncture Proof Mid-sole

  • Kevlar Lining and Stitch Construction

  • Magnetic Zipper Cover Strap

  • NFC Authenticity Tracking 

  • Mobile App Control Panel

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity

  • All Weather Hard Shell Carry Case // Shoe Charging Station

  • Temperature Controlled Insoles 

       (Heat Feet up to 103)


Loyalty // Earn coins each time you wear your A1's , use these loyalty coins like cash to purchase new gear and accessories from our store.

GPS // Control and track your A1's with GPS. Set geo parameters for your children, receive alerts, monitor your team or children's location and keep them safe. 

Heating // Keep warm with the ability to heat your feet up to 103 degrees  

Monitor // Body Health, Calories Burned, Heart Rate, Track and log your daily activity. 

iPhone® | Apple Watch® | Android® 

A1 Techs, harness the power of technology while embodying the essence of modern style. All aspects of the A1's patented design, internal structure and it's advanced technology make for an experience unlike any other shoes. Our modular strap feature allows you to continuously upgrade your A1's features, appearance and functionality.

With the A1 Mobile App you control your footwear experience. The abundant features in the A1 Tech will keep you connected, informed, secure and if you need it, warm...

Experience  your shoes like never before. 

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