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Carbon Fiber Key Cover for Jeep Wrangler JL

Carbon Fiber LED Side Step

Using the mechanical engineering from the world's most luxurious watches, the master craftsmanship can be seen in over 20 detailed components, highlighting Fury's design intention.

— Product display —

Mechanical function and jar dropping aesthetics, every detail displays outstanding attention to detail and texture, make the no regular key cover comparison.

A highlighted priority was the level of layering, incorporating a variety of material elements, without having a negative impact on the transmitter signal. Using electrostatic perfectly solves this problem, allowing stable distance transmission.

— Product display —

Exquisite design meets practicality, One of the many highlights of this Key Cover is the MINI Key Rocker feature. Whether opening the fuel tank, center console or glove, the rocker arm is a convenient tough design that lets your cover shine when its time to use standby key.

- Material Elements -

Forging carbon fiber \ reinforced glass \ aluminum magnesium alloy \ composite material \ stainless steel \ silicone

Two-button and Four-button remote start version available.

- Factory equipped -

In addition to the silicone keychain, the kit is also equipped with a multifunctional installation tool.

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